Why is Malibu such a desirable location?

What is it that makes Malibu so special?

Many luxury seaside communities have fantastic homes overlooking beautiful beaches. But nothing quite compares to the Malibu landscape and gorgeous weather. In fact, here is a forecast of the Malibu weather for the next week. This forecast updates regularly, so check back frequently so you know how to plan your fantastic Malibu day.

Living in Malibu

If you’re a resident of Malibu, it means more than just living by the sea. In Malibu, you live but “with” the sea according to this article in Forbes. You have a plethora of opportunities to surf, boat, hike or just enjoy the serenity waves crashing on the rock and the cool Pacific breeze.

But it’s More Than Just a Beach. The stretch of the coast known as Malibu runs for 27 miles. And the Malibu population of approximately 16,000 residents means there is plenty of space to feel a sense of privacy without the isolation of being remote from city life. Malibu is home to famous bars and restaurants and the urban center of Los Angeles is under 25 miles away.

The homes in Malibu

Malibu offers homes in a wide variety of architectural styles, custom builds, and even raw land to build your one-of-a-kind dream home. If you want to know more about what’s available to buy in Malibu, check out these luxury listings over $10 Million, currently on the market.