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Sweat Equity

2022-01-14T00:41:11-05:00January 14, 2022||

Equity created by a purchaser performing work on a property being purchased.


2022-01-14T00:41:00-05:00January 14, 2022||

A measurement of land, prepared by a registered land surveyor, showing the location of the land with reference to known points, its dimensions, and the location and dimensions of any buildings.

Step-Rate Mortgage

2022-01-14T00:40:30-05:00January 14, 2022||

A mortgage that allows for the interest rate to increase according to a specified schedule (i.e., seven years), resulting in increased payments as well. At the end of the specified period, the rate and payments [...]

Standard Payment Calculation

2022-01-14T00:40:19-05:00January 14, 2022||

The method used to determine the monthly payment required to repay the remaining balance of a mortgage in substantially equal installments over the remaining term of the mortgage at the current interest rate.

Shared-Appreciation Mortgage (SAM)

2022-01-14T00:39:51-05:00January 14, 2022||

A mortgage in which a borrower receives a below-market interest rate in return for which the lender (or another investor such as a family member or other partner) receives a portion of the future appreciation [...]


2022-01-14T00:39:36-05:00January 14, 2022||

All the steps and operations a lender performs to keep a loan in good standing, such as collection of payments, payment of taxes, insurance, property inspections and the like.


2022-01-14T00:39:24-05:00January 14, 2022||

An organization that collects principal and interest payments from borrowers and manages borrowers? escrow accounts. The servicer often services mortgages that have been purchased by an investor in the secondary mortgage market.

Seller Financing

2022-01-14T00:39:13-05:00January 14, 2022||

A financing agreement in which a seller provides part (or all) of the financing needed by a buyer to purchase the seller’s home.

Seller Carry-back

2022-01-14T00:38:56-05:00January 14, 2022||

An agreement in which the seller provides financing, often in combination with an assumable mortgage.


2022-01-14T00:38:46-05:00January 14, 2022||

The property that will be pledged as collateral for a loan.

Secondary Mortgage Market

2022-01-14T00:38:34-05:00January 14, 2022||

The place where primary mortgage lenders sell the mortgages they make to obtain more funds to originate more new loans. It provides liquidity for the lenders.

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